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Service Coordination
Service Coordination provides a "single point of entry" for supports and services that reflect the personal wishes of people with mental retardation. By providing reliable information, Service Coordinators work with individuals and their families to identify needs, explore options and to make informed decisions. Please call the Department of Family Services for more information about the intake, referral and assessment procedures.

Jump Start Early Intervention  
Once your child has been referred to Berkeley Citizens by BabyNet, an Early Interventionist will work with your infant or toddler and your family to tailor activities designed to stimulate your child's overall physical and mental development. These services are provided in the home, in day care centers and in other locations where a child may spend the majority of their day. Staff work closely with the Berkeley County Public Schools and private day care centers to identify appropriate services for children with special needs. 

Early Intervention staff will also consult with you to develop a plan that covers all aspects of your child's life, including medical status, financial needs, family strengths, and other agencies providing services. Your Early Interventionist will be able to answer questions you may have about your child's special needs and the services to which he or she may be entitled.

The Respite program provides a period of rest and relief for families of individuals receiving services through Berkeley Citizens. Respite is provided in the home of the individual, at the home of a chosen caregiver, or at any agreed upon location. For more information about Respite services, please contact your Service Coordinator.

Summer Services
Because every child deserves the opportunity to enjoy summer fun, families of school aged children receiving services from Berkeley Citizens, Inc. are eligible for financial and if needed, staffing assistance in order to attend summer camp. For more information about day and residential camps and the application process, please call your Service Coordinator.

Self Advocacy
The more things we know about, the more choices we have. If you, or a family member, would like help learning the skills needed to speak up and let people know what wants, hopes, dreams and plans are important, BCI can help. By attending meetings, becoming involved in community projects, outings and social activities, adults with developmental disabilities can acquire the knowledge and confidence to accomplish their goals. For more information, please call Berkeley Citizens.

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